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Origin: Brooklyn > New Orleans
Genre: Psych/World/Rock
EU Booking:
+44 (0) 7972 736116

Grammy nominated producer, Gitkin is a multi-instrumentalist and producer hailing from
Brooklyn, NY. Gitkin's latest release, Nowhere To Go But Everywhere, is sure to
become the soundtrack to your wanderlust. With elements of Peruvian chicha,
Saharan tuareg, Cuban son montuno, and psych-rock, Gitkin
draws from styles around the world but manages to create his own authentic essence.
With over 10 million total streams and 50,000 followers across all socials, it is clear that
Gitkin’s artistic voice is resonating with fans.
Gitkin’s first LP 5 Star Motel grappled with descriptors, tagging it vaguely as “cinematic”
and comparing it favorably with Khruangbin. True, the music is largely wordless,
emotionally evocative, and guitar driven, but it possesses an alluring alchemy all its
own. The follow up record, Safe Passage, was met with acclaim and further established
Gitkin as a force to be reckoned with in the instrumental world.
Nowhere To Go But Everywhere is out on March 17th - The first single “Whaya” has a
rousing groove with just the right amount of swing. The guitar melody doubled with a
vintage synthesizer has echoes of Tuareg guitar slingers like Bombino and Mdou
Moctar but seems to occupy its own bluesy corner of the musical spectrum. The follow
up single “Chichala” touches on the hipster Cumbia space with use of congas, dub
drops and a melody played on a charango and doubled with a casio. “Luna Y Sol” is
one of the deeper cuts. It has a bit of a rambling blues groove mixed with Saharan
guitar inflections. “Tesoro (feat. Carol C)” is the only single with vocals and has an
addicting Havana flair. With lyrics in Spanish, the sensual dance between the
mesmerizing vocal and emotive guitar will transport you to a pista de baile.“The album was recorded in my studio in the thick of the pandemic” Gitkin says on the
making of the record. “Though I try to think as little as possible when I’m creating, I was
reflecting on a particular phase of my life in my early 20s. I was hitchhiking around the
country, meditating, generally seeking adventure and something sacred. Somehow the
essence of that journey crept into the record. Nowhere To Go But Everywhere is a
quote from Jack Kerouac’s On The Road that fits the wanderlust spirit of the music.”
Listen to Nowhere To Go But Everywhere here.
A Fall EU Tour is in the works and all tour dates will be announced on March 22nd.


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